Terms of Service

By purchasing a donation package (which is any item under the "Packages" area, located under any server in the "Servers" area of the donation page), you will be agreeing to all of the following terms of service:

You acknowledge that donation packages listed only apply to the server you have selected on the "Servers" area of the donation system. Ranks and/or points will only be applied to that server and cannot be transferred to another applicable server

You understand that refunds cannot be provided. This is due to the intangible (Virtual) nature of the Packages.

If you abuse/misuse(which is defined as using the package to break the server rules located via the MOTD on the server, or the Forums) the privileges provided by the Ranks and/or points, then Holy Cake Movement's Administration has the right to remove the Ranks and/or points without refund.

You understand that if you are banned (temporarily or permanently) from the game server and/or website and/or forum and/or any other service hosted by Holy Cake Movement for any specified or unspecified reason, Holy Cake Movement Administration is not obliged or required to provide a refund for any purchased donation package(s).

If you purchase any donation package(s) with e-Check, debit card, or bank transfer (all via PayPal) that it may take longer (upto 7 days) for the donation package(s) to be applied.

You agree that if a chargeback from your card/PayPal is applied AFTER you have received your Rank and/or points from the donation package, it is considered a scam. In this situation, Holy Cake Movement Administration has the right to remove the Rank and/or points, and/or ban the player from any/all Holy Cake Movement Services (Forum, Website, Game Servers etc) for a temporary or indefinate period of time.