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Hello, and welcome to Eshap's Stranded How To Survive Guide!

This page is for anyone who is a beginner to Garry's Mod Stranded- i.e. Levels 1-10. Any higher than that should read the guide "Moving Forward": This guide was made because I had many users complain to me that /help on the server was useless. This guide will hopefully give you all the information you need and help you understand the gamemode. I'm open to suggestions, so please post if you have anything to comment on!

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Tip: Use Ctrl+F if you are looking for specific things in this guide. E.g. "Campfire"

What is GM Stranded and how do I play?

Garry's Mod Stranded is a gamemode which has one main goal: Survive. The general premise of it is that you have been stranded on an island with nothing but your Fists, a Gravity Gun and a Physgun. Using these, you must do everything you can in order to survive on the island. Otherwise, you are dead. (not big surprise) In order to survive, you need to make tools and structures to strengthen yourself against the harsh, outside world of zombies, antlions, the elements and even other players. If I had to compare this to another game, I'd say it has a few similarities to Minecraft, in that you have "needs" to fill (e.g. hunger), weapons to craft and stuff to build with different materials. If you are very new to this game, this comparison might help you understand some of the gamemode's features.

Getting Started: Your HUD Alright, let's get this guide started. When entering GM Stranded, the first thing you might see is your HUD. It looks like this:

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See those coloured bars? They are your needs/statuses, so pay attention to them. Here's what each one represents:

  1. Health: This one is obvious. If it goes to 0, you're dead. NOTE: Your health bar cannot be filled fully until Level 32, so do not worry if you start the game with half of the bar filled.
  2. Hunger: How hungry you are. This bar lowers over time, but you can fill it by eating fruits or cooked foods.
  3. Thirst: How thirsty you are. This bar lowers the fastest and is filled by drinking from water in the map (e.g. a pond) or by drinking bottled water.
  4. Fatigue: How tired/sleepy you are. This bar lowers the slowest and is filled by sleeping under a prop.
  5. Oxygen: How much air you have. This only goes down when you are underwater and is filled by having your head above water. This bar will go down slower depending on your Swimming level.
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Warning tip: Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue and Oxygen are very important. If any of these 4 bars are depleted, you will slowly lose health. Make sure to satisfy all of them to survive.

Power (Battery): You only get this bar when you have a flashlight. It lowers when you use your flashlight and, once it has depleted, your flashlight will turn off until it is recharged. Having more batteries in your inventory slows this bar down.

Below that, did you see the time (10:30)? This shows you the in-game time. When it becomes later in the day, the sun will set and the map will become dark. This might also spawn zombies, so be careful and pay attention to the time so that you don't get lost/eaten. I'll cover light sources later in this thread.

You should also have seen Skills (F1), Resources (F2) and Commands (F3). Here's what they mean:

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Skills (F1): Press F1 to see your skill levels. This lets you keep track of your levels and see how much XP you need to level up. Some skills will not be shown until you do the actions required to level them (e.g. "Cooking" won't appear until you cook some food). Resources (F2): Press F2 to see what stuff you have in your inventory. Anything you pick up will show in here, as well as how much space you have left in your inventory. When you try to collect resources with a full inventory, they will fall onto the floor as a box. Commands (F3): Press F3 to see a small list of commands. Most of these can also be seen in the "Commands" tab in your Q menu.

Getting Started: Your First Resources

That's your HUD covered. Now that you know what everything does, you can start trying to get some resources to survive. When you start, your only "tool" is your Fists. Punch trees and rocks in the map to get Wood and Stone- very important materials in the game. You will get the message "Failed" several times, when you start off, because your level is low. Keep punching and you'll eventually level up and be able to create props and structures. Here are the natural resources you can get through hitting stuff: Wood- Collected using fists and all hatchets. Stone- Collected using fists and all pickaxes. Copper ore- Collected using stone pickaxes and higher. It needs to be smelted in a Stone Furnace. Iron ore- Collected using copper pickaxes and higher. It needs to be smelted in a Copper Furnace.

You can also forage without the use of tools. Foraging is done by pressing E on the ground. You can collect many resources this way: Herbs- Uncommon, but very useful. Used in many combinations, such as rope or spices, and are good for high-level cooking. Seeds (Banana, melon, orange, grain)- In your Q menu in the Commands tab, you can plant these. Bananas, melons and oranges can be eaten, whereas grain is harvested to make flour (see Combinations). Berries- Not seeds, but they can be planted to make berry bushes. Berries restore both hunger and thirst. Baits- Used in fishing to increase the chance of catching a fish x4.

Once you've gotten some resources, it's time to build!

Getting Started: Your First Structures

Stranded pic 5.png

Structures are accessed through the "Structures" button in the Commands tab of your Q menu. You can find many different things to make that will help you survive, as long as you have the materials. Here's a list of what they do:

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Tip: I've listed "essential" structures in green. These will get you the stuff you need to get started- the others can wait.

Copper Furnace: Smelts iron ore.

Copper Workbench: Makes copper tools, i.e. Copper Hatchet, Copper Pickaxe, Crowbar.

Drinking Fountain: You can drink from it. Useful if you don't live near water.

Factory: Smelts lots of resources using lower-tier resources. e.g. Stone into iron.

Fridge: Stores cooked food so that it doesn't disappear.

Grinding Stone: Grind stuff.

Gun Chunks: Makes parts used in gun crafting.

Gunlab: Makes guns and ammo.

Iron Furnace: This makes charcoal.

Iron Workbench: Makes iron tools, i.e. Iron Hatchet, Iron Pickaxe.

Resource Pack: Stores your stuff so that they don't disappear at night.

Stone Furnace: Smelts copper ore.

Stone Workbench: Makes stone tools, i.e. Stone Hatchet, Stone Pickaxe, .

Stove: Used for cooking food, such as meat.

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As a new player, you should start with the stone workbench/stone furnace and work your way upwards, moving from copper to iron, as shown in this picture. A resource pack is very important for holding your stuff, but you can create it when you're running out of inventory space.

Getting Started: Surviving the First Night

Ok, so, we've discussed how to get started. Once you know what you want to make first, you need to know how to survive the night. As I showed you earlier, there is an in-game clock. Once it reaches ??, the map becomes dark. Without a light-source, it will be much harder to see where you're going (again, this is like Minecraft). Since you haven't got a flashlight, yet, you should make a fire. What kind of fire? A campfire! To make a campfire: 1. Spawn a piece of wood in the "Props" tab of your Q menu. A 1x1 PHX wood prop works fine. 2. You also need 5 wood in your inventory. 3. Aim at the wood prop and go into "Commands" in your Q menu. 4. Click on "Make campfire" and wait. This may fail a few times, but keep trying.

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Great! That's a nice campfire. Campfires provide light AND work like a stove, so you can cook food on it if you press E. I'll talk about cooking in the next thread.

Eventually, you're also going to need to sleep. By the time night comes, your fatigue bar should be very low, so you need to make a shelter.

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Warning tip: If you try to sleep without a prop over your head, you will slowly lose health and eventually die. Be careful!

How you make your shelter is up to you, but something you absolutely NEED is something over your head. When you sleep, you need to cover your head, or you will lose a lot of health. This is something almost all new players miss, so don't worry if you didn't know the first time. A 4x4 wood prop is the smallest you should use for your head.

As a new player, you shouldn't worry about making a large base- this will be covered in the next thread. For now, simply make something to cover your head and save the rest of your resources for tools and structures.