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The Holy Cake Movement

Welcome to The Holy Cake Movement wiki page. Here we provide the resources to help you familiarise yourself with our services. You will be able to find content created by our administration team and our community members.

We take pride in our ability to give the best responses to all enquiries you may have. Whether it be enquiries about the community that haven't been featured on the wiki, or meeting up with a player you've met on the server. The best place to do all of that is by joining our discord server. HCM Discord

A brief history of The Holy Cake Movement

The Holy Cake Movement was founded on 22 February 2008 as an open community on Steam. Over the years we have provided several services for our member and others, such as several game servers for multiple games as well as other servers (Voice, Radio etc). Through experience we have learnt how to run a well structured and administrated community, to ensure that the experience you receive on a Holy Cake Movement server is the best experience possible; We provide high performing and reliable servers and active administrators.

Useful Links

Garry's Mod: Applying For Administrator