Mystery Movie 1
Mystery Movie 2
Mystery Movie 3Mystery Movie 4
Marathon Date: 03/04/2021 @ 6PM (GMT)
All four movies will be presented in glorious HD!

As we steadily approach Movie Night #300, it's easy to say that we've watched some truly awful, AWFUL films... However, in the shit there has been some true gems that should be celebrated with a screening. Here come the "Legends", movies that achieve the nirvana between bad and really bad into becoming a spectacle.

To add some mystery, the movies won't be revealed until they play. Whether it's a movie you've already viewed, or something never seen before; All of them will be worth watching!

Movies will start at 6 PM (GMT+0) on a Saturday (Date shown on this page when finalised) once enough interest has been shown. There will be 10 minute breaks for you to grab a drink and walk around to re-energise for the next movie!

Reward for Surviving the Full Marathon:

Legendary Creation

Duration: 391 minutes
Votes Needed To Start Marathon: 3

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Bali Mystic (Level 202)
Bali Mystic (Level 202)
Captain Alex Killer (Level 121)
| ♫ | Amadeus
Vampires Kiss Junkie (Level 6)
Low Blow Cultist (Level 90)
Omega v2
A Spooky (Level 149)
Harry Zontal
Pit Dweller (Level 156)

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