Airplane! (1980)
Fateful Findings (2013)
Born into Mafia (2007)Low Blow (1986)
Marathon Date: 26/02/2022 @ 6PM (GMT)
Well... We hit another milestone! If I asked my past self in 2013/2014 if, as a group we would achieve 300 group movie nights, let alone 100 I would have massively doubted it. Man, we're even getting closer to 10 years of movie nights! That'll be one to celebrate too.

To look back on the best of times had, we'll be running a set of the best films based on viewing entertainment. The caveat this time is they're all (minus one) from previous marathons!

Origin: Represents our beginning, and the very first triple movie night. Marathons were not officially a thing yet, but I thought this time should be recognised.
Demigod: The legend himself. From the first official marathon, themed around (the now familiar) director, script writer, actor, hacker, superhuman Neil Breen.
Mafia: From the oddity that is Vitaly Versace, a rerun of his very best material. A super entertaining and perplexing viewing experience. Had to be recognised in some form, and MN 300 is a good way to do it.
Fallen: Remembering two of the biggest schlock movie personalities that have passed away (Cameron Mitchell in 1994 and Leo Fong just in February 2022). An action packed watch with cake head smashing and debilitating alcoholism right on the screen!

Movies will start at 6 PM (GMT+0) on a Saturday (Date shown on this page when finalised) once enough interest has been shown. There will be 10 minute breaks for you to grab a drink and walk around to re-energise for the next movie!

Reward for Surviving the Full Marathon:

A blur of OS Memes

Duration: 420 minutes
Votes Needed To Start Marathon: 3

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Jumping Vampire (Level 253)
Jumping Vampire (Level 253)
Harry Zontal
Newest Gladiator (Level 194)
Last Vampire (Level 127)
Ben or Arthur (Level 236)
Omega v5
An Amazing Bulk (Level 182)
| ♫ | Amadeus
Commando Convert (Level 47)
Parole Violator (Level 113)

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