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Marathon Date: 18/09/2021 @ 6PM (GMT)
We're now back, and it's time to complete the legends series...

These are the films that have been deemed worthy of re-watch, or even a first time experience for some people! Why? It could be for a number of reasons; Scenes that make you laugh due to the production ineptitude, bizarre plot lines or, just as likely, hilariously poor acting.

Like last time I won't reveal them until the marathon begins, but you may be able to work out a few of them!

Movies will start at 6 PM (GMT+0) on a Saturday (Date shown on this page when finalised) once enough interest has been shown. There will be 10 minute breaks for you to grab a drink and walk around to re-energise for the next movie!

Reward for Surviving the Full Marathon:

The Cosmic Stardust That Formed Our Universe That Was Then Needed To Make These Legendarily Schlock Films

Duration: 401 minutes
Votes Needed To Start Marathon: 3

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Johson Family Christmas Dinner Guest (Level 232)
Parole Violator (Level 112)
Harry Zontal
Demon Warper (Level 180)
| ♫ | Amadeus
Miami Connection Connoisseur (Level 31)
Johson Family Christmas Dinner Guest (Level 232)
Captain Alex Killer (Level 124)
Uninvited Feline (Level 104)

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