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OOC information

- This is a minor faction, therefore you can join regardless of being in Duty, Ukrainian Military or Freedom.
- Have at least 2 weeks time of SRP, to have a understanding of how SRP works.
- Ecologists are usually new the Zone, and have little to no experience with combat scenarios. You must be able to fear roleplay accordingly.
- It is not recommended to have any kicks or bans.
- Have to have some knowledge of what the Ecologists do and how we work.

Not following the template will result in insta-deny.

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[b]Steam Friends Name[/b]:

[b]Steam ID[/b]:


[b]Time Roleplaying[/b]:

[b]Time on Server[/b]:

[b]Have You Played Any of the Three STALKER Games?[/b]:


[font=impact][size=24pt][color=#00b0ff]IC Information[/color][/size][/font]







[b]Blood Type[/b]:

[b]Illnesses/Diseases (If applicable)[/b]:

[b]Backstory (3 paragraph minimum)[/b]:


[font=impact][size=24pt][color=#00b0ff]Faction Information[/color][/size][/font]

[b]What are the Ecologists of the Zone and what do they do[/b]:

[b]Who is the Ecologist Research and Development Administrator[/b]:

[b]Why do you want to be an Ecologist[/b]:
This group is targeted for people that have imagination, you will research body parts of mutants, artifacts. You will hand out jobs and you will buy any artifacts that stalkers will bring in. It is recommended for people that do have plenty of roleplaying experiences.
I personally know that I am not capable of coming up with a new ways to 'research' artifacts, so I do not join the group. But I do hope that somebody will have the interest in leading, and joining this faction.


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