Bad Dragon™ (Atom)'s Application for the Stranded Server

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Former Administrator
Former Administrator
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Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:11 pm

Steam Name: Bad Dragon™ (Atom)

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:82248180

Which server are you applying for? (Build, Cinema, Spacebuild, Stranded): Stranded

Time played on specified server(Fill Correctly): 1653 minutes, in hours 27.5

Please post previous moderator experience here: Being a moderator on any game, server and gamemode will be a first for me. This will be a mildly interesting experience for me, as this will put extra responsibilites on me on a server, but i will try my hardest to stand up to the responsibilities.

Why do you think you should get a Moderator position on our server?: On any game, if i like a Community Server, i'll play quite a bit on it. In that time of playing, i will experience a lot of Rule Breakers, which i could never do anything about since at that moment there were no Administartors on. I'd be glad to help keep the Holy Cake Movement servers clean, and protected for all the players enjoyment. I've always had the mindset of "Everyone should have fun on the server, if the rules are followed correctly.", and with an Administrator rank, i'd be able to enforce that mindset even more.

Anything else you wish to mention?: As of this moment, a lot of things could pop-up in my life or suddenly disappear. This may heavily affect how i perform as an Administrator. I will definitely inform whoever i may need to that something has or hasn't happened right, which may affect how i perform at that current time.
vrei sa pleci dar numa numa iei

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Father Of Crow
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Server Administrator
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Mon Feb 05, 2018 4:51 pm

  • Eiv's copy.
  • Didn't know the best christmas song ever.
  • Didn't even get a chance to answer question #2.
  • Uses vile language in mic chat.
  • Has not seen Singham.

  • Fun-ish.
  • Seems to know what's up.
  • Nice application.
  • Survived Eiv's tests.
  • Likes near-death experiences.

All in all, we need staff. Worth giving him a chance IMO. Even though it would mean we basically would have two Eiv's but... It's a risk I am personally willing to take. +1

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Senior Administrator
Senior Administrator
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Mon Feb 05, 2018 5:06 pm

Yeah I agree with what Crow said basically. Nothing else to really say. I mean you didn't answer a single question but you got through my torture- I mean Initiation. As well as we need Staff.

Even though you cannot be me. There is only one of me.

Sssssoooooo... +1

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HCM Owner
HCM Owner
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Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:15 pm

Application Status: Approved

Welcome to the team and thanks for applying!


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