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Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:54 pm

Hey guys,

As the post title says, it is time for me to step down as not only the Head Administrator but as an Administrator overall. When I stumbled on HCM in 2013 I was in a very dark place and the players and admin team were there to give me joy when I needed it most. I’ve met so many amazing people over these years and I’m so eternally grateful for my time here. Each one of you have brought a smile to my face, and I have so many fond memories. I’ve decided to post this resignation here in General Discussion instead of the Admin board as I feel sometimes it is best for players to know what is going on too, after all player inclusion has always been an integral part of HCM.[1]

When I first joined the server I had no intention to become an administrator as I knew deep down I’d struggle to remain active and felt I wouldn’t be a good administrator anyway. But as my time with the server grew and grew, and I got to know you all better (plus with some intense pressure from Jakehh!) I decided to cave in and apply thinking I’d be lucky to get even two responses and honestly expected -1’s too, so imagine my surprise and nearly tearful happiness when I saw the overwhelming reaction I got.

Being an administrator was amazing, I loved seeing all the new faces every day and getting to know all the ‘Usual Suspects’ that would be on the server. I loved the ever changing environment of the server and the team and was always welcome to embrace those changes. I felt like every player and every admin was a friend, and no matter what a person did I always made sure to treat them with kindness and openness as I’m a firm believer that all people are inherently good. Too many times have I seen people use their power as a reason to treat someone badly and while sometimes a person may be deserving I always believe it is best you guide someone and try to put them back on the right tracks when they fall, only resorting to punishments when it is absolutely necessary. I hope that all of you have experienced this unconditional love I’ve had for each and every one of you.

So, why am I stepping down? It’s time for a fresh face with the return of HCM. I had a good run but saw the Stranded server fall due to dwindling activity from myself and others and deep down I know my activity won’t remain high and HCM right now needs an active Head Administrator who can keep up to date with all changes as they occur. With the new faces joining our community as both players and admins it is important to have a fresh start, and a Head Administrator with a presence is necessary to ensure HCM continues to thrive. I’d rather prefer to play on DarkRP and later on Stranded because I want to, not because of a requirement or obligation to, and while there is activity obligation for head administrators I understand it would be detrimental to HCM as a whole at this vulnerable stage if I played like this. I’ve suggested to Farmer to have Zakko replace me as I believe he could do good and make HCM great again when it needs it most, and I hope you all treat him with the respect and kindness you all showed me if he is given the position.

And now a few quick words for a few of you both past and present (okay a few peoples leaving posts gave inspiration for this bit but shut up and enjoy it <3):

Farmer - You were always there when I needed you, and your balanced and fair ways are the reason HCM will always be strong and united. I may not be the best builder on Construction Simulator, but just know this - Nick Cage is proud of you.

Ares - You and Farmer were great owners simply due to your contrasting ways. You two were the personification of Yin and Yang, with him providing the balance and fairness, and you doing what was necessary to keep admins in line. Despite this harsh exterior you did have a human side, and it was always amazing when it came out. Granted the first time I met you on the server you ragdolled me and crashed the server with my inflated body[2], but I have fond memories of playing so many games with you, especially that time on Euro Truck with you and Crow where I fell behind after getting 100% damage and crawled from Calais to Paris at 2mph aha [3]. You’re a great guy Andy, even if you application templates are evil.[4]

Daniel - Never thought I’d kidnap a police officer, tie them up in my basement, torture them, and chase them to their death. Pre DarkRP we didn’t speak too much, we did play a few non GMod games together but it was always quiet until DarkRP and in these weeks I already have quite a few good memories thanks to you. Between you and Farmer, HCM is in safe hands for sure.

Father of Crow - Some of my earliest memories of HCM feature you. You were and always will be the best head administrator HCM ever had and left me some damn big shoes to fill. Much like Andy you were good at showing a harsh exterior but had a warm heart and it made you a great head admin. I wish you best of luck with your new life, you've earned it.

Eshap - We may not have spoken much overall, but please don’t kick yourself down. Just like Crow you are an integral part of HCM and I like everyone in HCM have always respected your opinion and input. Your artwork is amazing and whenever we did speak you seemed like a kind and awesome person.

Jakehh - Well I hope you’re happy. You made me become an admin, next thing I knew I was head admin. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me to HCM and guiding me on those early admin days, we may not talk too much anymore but just know this - you were a great support and I am always here for you to talk or play games with. Also HCM bucketball was the shit as a player and thank you for helping me arrange it and set it up.[5]

Voss - You were a good and underrated guide in HCM and I was glad when you got promoted after the Scottie incidents. It is a shame your activity fell, however sometimes we just have to accept real life is more important. You are a great guy Voss… but your Space Engineers mining ships are laggy as hell.

Doge - Know how parents pretend they don’t have favourites but they really do? Yeah… <3 Doge is Bae. Tonnes and tonnes of good memories with you, damn the Army for taking you away! Remember when we built the castle together in 2014 and you panicked when I named the caged Zombie Andy? Then we accidently unfroze it and crashed the server…[6] It was always amazing when you came online and you brightened my moods plenty of times. We really need to get back into Terraria and other games together <3

IainBruce - Your well reasoning mind and logic is always refreshing and required when debates happen about rules. You are HCM’s Spock. With our Stranded addictions we have had plenty of days spent together on the server hours on end, and I loved talking to you about politics as just not enough people are interested in it and I can’t wait to keep up to date with your opinions as Brexit and the eventual Indyref2 happens aha

Zakko - I won’t lie to you, deep down I didn’t feel like we saw eye to eye when you first started playing on the server, but as the weeks went on my love grew. You are a great person and administrator Zakko and are exactly what the the team needs right now to flourish. If you ever need a second opinion on a matter or advice or just a talk about life then I hope you know I’m here for you. Just remember, a soft hand can sometimes be just as powerful as a hard one.

Wolfie - Put down the wine! Ultimate Chicken Horse, Terraria, Move or Die, Gold with Friends, lots of fun memories in those alone. I enjoy talking to you and I’m glad we brought you into HCM with bucketball aha I hope you regain a love for administrating with the eventual Stranded return.

Celgar (and by extension Siren and Utobitha) - You three are definitely quite the characters. Celgar, the good and calm who can be quiet and strangely says bye and sorry after every question, but was very vocal in the minecraft days aha, Utobitha the chaotic jokester and rule breather, and Siren who is the best of both worlds. All three of you are fun to play with in your own ways and I have good memories of you three, I wish you all the best.

PrinsRR - Prins! Both times you were an admin you were a friendly chap, always fair to all players and a great guy. It was a shame to see you lose activity twice but every time you joined the server there felt like there was quite a bit more happiness.

Twilight - While Andy may not have been your biggest friend at the beginning “He’s a brony?! AND DANISH?!!” you were a great fun guy to hang out with and I’m glad you stuck with us when you could have left much much sooner. I remember testing you when you were a trial admin with several alts but you prevailed anyway and did really well as an admin. [7]

Examor - Greetings viking! I remember our first day together which caused you to post on the forums [8] it isn’t too often a player posts on the forums to thank an admin for supporting them and making them feel welcome and that was when I knew I’d enjoy my time with you. Your buildings were amazing, your administrating was fair and kind and open, and your singing and viking voice were badass. Whatever you are up to right now I wish you the very best of luck.

Hotch and Finnez - Let’s face it, can’t mention one without mentioning the other, like tweedle dee and tweedle dum ahaha you two are always kind and fun to play with, when I saw you were both interested in DarkRP too it made me smile as you are a good familiarity. I don’t think anyone has ever had a bad word to say about either of you. Also Hotch you were one Ninja Crow on Stranded, always sneaking up on me!

Eivinas - You joined HCM at not the best time, just a few months before Stranded was shut down, but you battled through and stayed with us and I admire you for that. You are the type of admin HCM needs and I hope you continue to have an amazing time as a part of HCM.

dvd10000 - Your inactivity while I was co-head and head was infuriating - but I could never moan as you are a nice guy dvd, always friendly and up for a talk (sometimes too much ahaha) but I could never dislike you or anyone because of them wanting to talk.

Batsy - Feg. Too much of a coward to try and 1 up your resignation post ;) [9]

Enter - Feg. With a badass voice.

Raven - You’re a sweet guy Bill, and I worried about you quite a lot when you were an admin and even after you stepped down and continue to today. I hope the reason you aren’t on much any more is because things are better for you, I hope that so very much, but if not I’m here for you to talk to.

Muteerbeer - You became an admin the same time as me which made it easier to talk to you in the early days as we could learn together. You are a nice guy Bart and I’m sorry things ended the way they did for our friendship, I had a bad time temporarily and was unable to support anyone and lashed out badly when you needed me most and I’m sorry for that. I hope things are better for you too right now and that it all worked out in the end.

Sar/ - You infuriated me several times, but all of that is outweighed by the good experiences I’ve had with you. All the talks about Italy and those damn flags![10] As with Muteer I’m sorry the way things worked out, it wasn’t fair, and is a shame we fell out.

And finally to all the new faces on DarkRP, mostly from LemonRP, and to anyone I didn’t list - you are all wonderful people, with the exception of Scottie I’ve always loved and cared about each and every one of you even if you didn’t think I did. I’d have stuck my head out to protect any and all of you as I have for quite a lot of people over these years. You are in safe hands in Holy Cake Movement and will have an amazing time here with hopefully just as many memories that I’ve had which will stay with me for life. [11]

And so I’ll leave it here with a quote from Mr Rogers, and a reminder that while I will no longer be an administrator, I’ll always be here for any of you if you need advice or just a talk.

“You know, I think everybody longs to be loved, and longs to know that he or she is lovable. And, consequently, the greatest thing that we can do is to help somebody know that they're loved and capable of loving.”

iNoob out! -mic drop-

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Co-Head Administrator
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Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:09 pm

Christ, what an exit! Props to you for mentioning so many people- I half expected not to be a part of the list as we talked so little- something I've always regretted. :( But thank you so much for the kind words- and likewise to you. <3

You've always been such a kind and level-headed guy and it's been great to see you grow from Bucketball champion to a solid Head Admin. Such a shame to see another legacy admin leave the team, but it's been a pleasure to work alongside you and I wish you all the best. Godspeed, tiny bald man.

PS. Thank you for attaching those pictures- both for the great memories that little piece of art holds and the reminder of how absolutely atrocious your last rig was. THOSE GRAPHICS!

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Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:23 pm

ayo fuck is this essay

i'd call you a faggot but you didnt warn so you can be a slightly raging homosexual

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-1 very bad admin

-raja yuda, ancient buddhist monk

(inb4 perma forum ban hehe)

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Respectable Poster
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Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:26 pm

Sad to see ya leave, you were there from the beginning when I joined 2+ years ago and were always were always a laugh as well as you were there to help me when I needed teaching or your input on something. I wish you the best. Goodbye.
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Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:27 pm

Damn bro.

I still remember giving you a +1. You rose so quickly to Head, because you were probably one of the best staff we ever had. You're still a part of HCM, and I will personally kick Farmerbill in the testicles if he doesn't give you Honorary Member. I'm terrible at posts like this, but hey... you were great. Bye and stuff.
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Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:47 pm

Man, I remember the times i talked to you, about HCM, about personal stuff, about pokemon, heck mabye we talked about something that i even forgot about. Anyway, thanks for all the fun we had, and like i said in discord, it sucks that you're leaving, and I'll be sure to become active again.
dvd out
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Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:33 pm


-1 for being a noob
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Tue Feb 28, 2017 10:13 pm

Wow what an essay of a resignition..

Bah, so much I could say about this awesome guy! But I'll try to keep it short and sweet:
I think that HCM has changed all us; for me it helped with self confidence and I too was in a dark place when you gave me the courage to finally apply for admin 2 years ago. Since then we became really close and I really felt happy for the first time I had in a long time. You and other admins like Jakehh helped me with my problems and accepted me despite them and I don't think I'd be the person I am today without that support, and I am so grateful for it. Yes I had my moments where I'd fuck up administrating, but it was always you there to give advice and help with my doubts several times and somehow dealt with it for 2 years. You helped me get to senior, even if I didn't have it for long due to the inactivity thing, and I watched you become an amazing head admin that would encourage and help everyone just as you had done with me. We've played games outside of GMod as you mentioned and I think I raged at every single one of them because you kept beating me. (Except maybe terraria where I constantly got you killed).
I just realised this has turned into a rant, apologies, but I wish you the best of luck in the future noobie! And I hope we can stay in touch as much as we have, as you are such a great guy to talk to. I'll definately get back into administration when stranded comes back and hopefully I'll see you there.

(No I will not put down the wine)
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Father Of Crow
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Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:02 pm

You da man. Never had a better partner in crime (sorry shaps ;D) back in the day. You have always been a shining example of an administator and once you were made co-head I couldn't been happier with the choice. Once I left the building for the time being the only one who could have had any chances on continuing "my duties" were you. Once again HCM loses a great member, for now.. Never forget the times we spent together nor do I plan on doing so.

P.S Remember our plan.. ;)

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Co-Head Administrator
Co-Head Administrator
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Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:40 pm

Father Of Crow wrote:(sorry shaps ;D)
Jake was always better than you.


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