Read First: How to Apply

Want to help us keep the servers lively, moderated and friendly? Then why not apply to become a server administrator! Application guidelines can be found here
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So you want to help us moderate the HCM services, and keep them friendly and fun? Great! we are always looking for good Administrators.

The Application Process

1. Read through the relevant application guidelines for the game/server you are looking to help moderate. The following list the games that have HCM servers, and their relevant guidelines: Note: It might help to look at applications which were successful to understand what we're looking for!

2. If you have read through the guidelines, and you fit the wanted criteria then the next step is to create the application forum post:
  • 1. Create the post in the "Apply for Administrator" section of the forum. We won't look at applications posted anywhere else in the forum!
    2. Fill in your application using the the application template which is relevant to the server you're applying to (please refer to the guidelines for the template). Your application may be overlooked or even denied
    3. Recheck the application for any mistakes/corrections.
    4. Post!
    5. Wait. Bumping your application won't get your application looked at any faster.
3. Wait for the responses and recommendations
We are looking for applications from players who have been recognized by our current Administrators as having Administrator potential. With that, Administrators will usually provide a response to the application which includes their opinion of the player, as well as a rating of either +1 (Positive Support), -1 (Against application).

What happens if your review doesn't get enough/any responses? Well in this case it's unfortunate... But this can sometimes happen. To ensure that an application isn't just left open and waiting for responses that may never appear, we will close any application that hasn't hit the ratings/comments threshold within 2 weeks. This would be enough time for any application that should be a definite accept or definite denial, as opposed to an application that is somewhere in between.

As long as you follow this guide, then your application should be responded to in a reasonable time, and you should understand the responses given.


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