HCM Movie Night 33 - 34 (03/06 and 10/06)

Love movies, or just watching videos with your friends (or other people that like the same weird stuff you do) then discuss about it here!
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Hello, folks!
For some reason, Farmer has decided not to tell the admins of his own server that he will be away on holiday for 2 weeks. This means he is completely unable to run or attend Movie Nights 33 and 34. Because he is mentally insane, he has chosen me to run the next 2 nights.

What does this mean?
Without access to the HCM Movie Stream, I can only run movies that are on Youtube or another streaming site supported by Cinema. Due to the much smaller options we have, no poll will be made for these nights- however, I'm totally open to suggestions, if you have any. Remember that https://www.reddit.com/r/fullmoviesonyoutube has a lot of movies to choose from.

What films do you know are available?
Very few. Here's a list of what I know is available on Youtube already:
  • Fateful Findings

    Another film by Neil Breen, although only available in a supercut version. You could take this as a negative...or a blessing. A strange mash-up of a love-triangle, drugs, mystical powers and, once again, computer hacking, Neil tries to reveal some sick national and international hacked secrets.

    Troll 2

    Surprisingly, the infamous Troll 2 is currently available on Youtube, albeit very cropped. Trolls eating people, pissing on hospitality and eggs (EUAGH!). Fun!

    Singham 1

    The "safe" option: Singham 1 is always popular with HCMers for its over-the-top choreography and extreme meme potential.

    Jurassic Shark

    Not too dissimilar to Birdemic- laughably bad CGI and acting is abundant. Also: boobs!

    The Little Panda Fighter

    At the absolute bottom of the barrel, The Little Panda Fighter is complete... vomit. Abysmal 3D graphics, dodgy voice acting and a ridiculous plot, I can see this one getting laughs and cries for all the wrong reasons. Or maybe just cries. Amazingly, out of at least 20 or so bad films, this one isn't on the bottom of IHE's list, but it comes close.
You're only going to play terrible films!
Probably. To be fair, that's almost all that's available to us. At least it'll only be for 2 weeks!

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Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:02 pm

last film i saw at the cinema was team america, it was alright. but i started watching american history x last night on dvd, god i love that film.

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