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"We are here to protect you from the Zone, not the Zone from you."
The Ukrainian government maintains the Zone's perimeter through troops operating under the auspices of it's Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Military's primary role is securing the borders, to prevent both unauthorized excursions into the Zone by stalkers, as well as the distribution of artifacts to the outside world without government supervision. While the Military initially possessed a strong presence within the Zone itself, following the Zone's expansion and the subsequent annihilation of many military personnel present there, further incursions into the zone were put on indefinite hold.

In practice they are one of the most corrupt organizations operating within the Zone, shooting stalkers for sport, extorting them for money, and/or ignoring smuggling operations in exchange for bribes.
"...Military, you sure? They first they take the Agroprom Research Facility off DUTY! Now this! God save us when they move north towards our Train yard! No! We must make a stand here, we will not retreat back any further. Mole promised us we can win this fight! He's not been wrong yet!"
-PDA entry found on the corpse of an Experienced Loner piled, amongst many, outside the Agroprom Train Yard. Two days after Military took over.

General Equipment
This is the equipement that the Military across the zone use, this is just a general idea of equipment, not specific ranks.



* Makarov PM
* Fort-12

Assault Rifles

* AKS-74U
* AKS-74M
* AN-94 "Abakan"
* AS Val
* OTs-14 Groza

Machine Guns


Sniper Rifles

* VSS Vintorez
* Dragunov SVD
* Dragunov SVU


*VE-2b combat suit – Low quality armor used by enlisted grunts. Equipped with camouflage and moderately protective weaving.

*"Commander Armour" – Medium-quality armour worn by commissioned officers. A slightly more effective VE-2b variant.

*Berill-5M Armored Suit – Medium-quality armour used by low-ranking Spetsnaz operators. A heavily armoured suit modified for use in the Zone, including a PSZ-9a body armour with a Sphere-08 helmet. While it offers good protection from bullets and shrapnel, it lacks sufficient protection from anomalies and radiation. May be worn with a gas mask or ballistic goggles.

*SKAT-9M Military Armored Suit – High-end military body armour designed for use in heavily anomalous areas. Features a PSZ-12d armored suit, a built in compensation suit, and a Sphere-12M Helmet. Offers some of the best firearm/shrapnel protection. Only used by high-ranking Spetsnaz units and Military Stalkers.
These Weapons and Armors are subject to availability
Rank Specific Equipment
This is the specific equipment for each type of soldier, all soldiers MUST comply with the equipment listed or face disciplinary action.

Standard Equipment
* VE-2b combat armor, equipped with flak jacket and camoflauge, with no specific patch.
* AN-94 Abakan or AK-74 Variant.
* 4 boxes of 5.45x39 ammunition, amounting to eight magazines.
* Fort 12
* 2 boxes of sidearm ammunition, amounting to four magazines/clips.
* Flashlight
* Military-grade standard issue medical kit for field use.
* One handheld radio.

Demolition Equipment
* Standard-Issue Uniform with demolitions patch.
* AN-94 Abakan with or without underbarrel GP-25 grenade launcher.
* 3 boxes of 5.45x39 ammunition, amounting to six magazines.
* C4 plastic explosive charge
* Breaching charge
* F1 Hand Grenade
* Six caseless VOG-25 fragmentation grenades.
* Fort 12
* 1 box of pistol ammunition
* Flashlight
* One handheld radio
* Military Medkit

Combat Medic
* Standard-Issue Uniform with Medic patch and armband
* AN-94, or AK-74.
* 3 boxes of 5.45x39 ammunition, amounting to six magazines.
* Battlefield Surgery kit (4x Bandage, 2x Military Medkit)
* Fort 12
* 1 box of sidearm ammunition
* One handheld radio
* Flashlight

*Standard Issue Uniform with Marksman patch
* Dragunov SVD, or AS-VAL with mounted PS0-1 scope.
* Fort 12
* 4 boxes of 7.62x54 or 9x39 subsonic rounds.
* 2 boxes of Sidearm ammunition
* Military Medkit
* Optional Ghillie suit
* One handheld radio
* Flashlight

Faction Relations

Image Bandits: Hostile

Image Duty: Hostile

Ecologists: Allied

Image Freedom: Hostile

Image Loners: Hostile

Image Mercenary: Unfriendly

ImageMilitary: N/A

Image Monolith: Hostile


N/A - Not applicable, who knows what they are?
Allied - Allied, If you're in trouble call these people to help. Treat them like you would treat your mother.
Friendly - Friendly, these people are friends, respect them accordingly, they may even help you if you're in trouble.
Neutral - Neutral, take an odd glance at these, but nothing over the top.
Unfriendly - Keep a close eye on these people, have your weapon close.
Hostile - Hostile, these are hostile. You should try to stay away from these and not openly engage them.
Feared - Hostile and feared, always try to run away or stay clear of these.

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