Ukraine Military Rules

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Ukraine Military Rules
Faction Rules

1. All orders from superior officers are to be followed to the letter, be they irregular or dangerous, unless they appear treasonous in nature.

2. Superior officers are to be greeted with a salute when in base, and a simple verbal greeting when in the field.

3. Consumption of alcohol on duty is unacceptable and will result in disciplinary action.
3a. Posession or consumption of narcotic substances will result in severe disciplinary action.

4. Incursions inside hostile territory should not be performed without the consent and presence of a Junior Officer or above.
4a. Patrols are not to be performed outside of friendly territory without the presence or authorization of a Non-Commissioned officer or above.

5. Any and all equipment and supplies retrieved from terminated hostiles or located within a cache must be turned in to the designated quartermaster or a member of the command staff. Failure to comply will result in severe disciplinary action.

6. Treason and desertion are punishable by execution. Violators will be hunted down and terminated with extreme prejudice.

7. Releasing prisoners of war or facilitating the escape of such prisoners without the commander's consent will be considered treason and dealt with accordingly.

8. No non-military personnel are to be allowed to access the base perimeter without the consent of a commissioned officer.

9. All soldiers are to be treated with respect and decency, be they officers or mere recruits.

10. All soldiers must be equipped with their standard kit at all times. Weapons and equipment must be clean and fit for use at all times. Any soldier lacking standard equipment must report to the designated quartermaster immediately. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

11. Information leaks can compromise the regiment's integrity and endanger the lives of your fellow soldiers. Always guard your words when in the presence of non-military personnel - a mere slip-up may carry a terrible price.
11a. Information is the lifeblood of war. Report anything noteworthy to your superiors. Vigilance will be rewarded.

Out of Character

1. Desertion for senseless reasons is greatly frowned upon and may result in blacklisting.
1a. Desertion will result in a PK unless OOCly authorized by the current leader of the military.
1b. Outright treason will always result in a PK.

2. You are expected to be at least as active on your military character as you are on your preferred alternative character, if not more.

3. Be respectful to players and administrators alike. If you believe to have been wronged by an administrator, contact a superior officer or said administrator's supervisor and let them sort it out. You're much more likely to get what you want if you stay calm.

4. Respect the rules of the server at all times.

5. Occasionally messing about OOCly is acceptable, as long as it's kept between faction members and not during RP. Use common sense.

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